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How to Set Parental Controls on Your Google Chrome Laptop

How to Set Parental Controls on Your Google Chrome Laptop: Hey, Parents! Want to Keep Your Kids Safe Online? Today, the internet is a part of our lives, notably for kids. But we need to make sure they're safe while exploring it. Setting up parental controls on your Google Chrome laptop is a way to do this.

How to Set Parental Controls on Your Google Chrome Laptop

Let's learn how in simple steps!

Step 1: Make a Google Account for Your Kid

Parent creating a Google Account for their child on a laptop, depicting the Family Link website on the screen.


  • Why? It's like giving your kid their own safe space online.
  • How? Go to the "Family Link" website (it's a Google thing). Click "Get Started" and follow what they tell you to make an account for your kid.

Step 2: Put Your Kid’s Account on Your Laptop

Add Your Child’s Account to Your Device



  • Why? So you can watch it right from your laptop.
  • How? Open “Settings” on your laptop, click “People,” then “Add Person,” and type in your kid's account info.


Step 3: Get Family Link on Your Phone


Install and Set Up Family Link - An image illustrating a parent installing and setting up the Family Link app on a smartphone

  • Why? This app lets you make rules for what your kid can do online.
  • How? Grab your phone and download the Family Link app. Then, connect it to your kid's Google account.


Step 4: Choose What Sites Your Kid Can See


Step 4 Manage Sites and Content - A depiction of a parent managing sites and content on Google Chrome through the Family Link app

  • Why? Make sure your kid only goes to good websites.
  • How? In Family Link, go to “Manage Settings,” then “Google Chrome.” You can pick which sites are okay and which aren't.


Step 5: Set Times for When Your Kid Can Use the Laptop

Set Screen Time Limits and Bedtime - An image showing a parent setting screen time limits and bedtime schedules on the Family Link app for a child's device



  • Why? To help your kid have good habits online.
  • How? In Family Link, under your kid’s account, pick “Device” and decide how long they can use the laptop each day and when it's bedtime.


Step 6: Check What Your Kid Does Online


Keep Track of Your Child’s Activity - parent monitoring a child's online activity through the Family Link app

  • Why? So you know what they like and that they're safe.
  • How? Use Family Link to see reports about what apps and websites your kid uses the most.


Step 7: Talk to Your Kid About Being Safe Online


Communicate with Your Child - parent having a conversation with their child about online safety, in a home setting

  • Why? Talking helps your kid understand why being safe online is important.
  • How? Chat with your kids often about what they do online and why these safety rules are there.


In the end, Setting these controls is easy and really important for keeping your kid safe online. You're helping them learn to use the internet in a good way. 


Technology is super helpful, but we need to use it the right way. Go ahead, set up these controls, and help your kid explore the internet safely! 

FAQs: Parental Controls on Google Chrome Laptop

Can I Set Different Rules for Each Kid?

Yes! With Family Link, make a profile for each kid. You can set rules that are just right for their age.

What Happens When My Kid Turns 13? 

When they hit 13, kids can choose to handle their own Google Account. But you can still keep an eye on it if they say it's okay.

Can I Stop My Kid from Going to Certain Websites? 

For sure! Use Family Link to pick which websites are okay and which aren't for your kid.

Can I Control What Apps My Kid Downloads or Buys? 

Yep! Family Link lets you say yes or no to apps your kid wants from the Google Play Store. You can also watch over their in-app buys.

How Do I Keep Track of What My Kid Does Online? 

Family Link shows you reports on how much time your kid spends on different apps and websites.

Can I Set Up These Rules Without My Kid Knowing?

You could, but it's better to talk it out with your kid. Let them know about these rules and why they're important.

Are There Things Google's Parental Controls Can't Do?

Google's controls do a lot, but only some things. It's good to use other safety tools and keep a close watch, too.

What If My Kid Gets Past the Controls?

 If that happens, it's a good chance to chat about why it's important to stay safe online. You should look for stronger controls or other software.


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