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11 Free Language Learning Apps Without Subscription

Free language learning apps without subscription: Hey Friends! Ready to Learn New Languages? Do you dream of speaking Spanish, mastering Mandarin, or chatting in Japanese? Guess what? You don't need to spend a penny to start learning!
We've got some amazing apps for your Android device that let you learn new languages, and they're totally free – no subscriptions needed!

Whether you're a complete beginner or want to brush up on a language you know a little, these apps are perfect. They're fun, easy to use, and you can learn at your own pace.


Free Language Learning Apps Without Subscription



Free Language Learning Apps Without Subscription 


So, let's get ready to dive into a world of languages right from your phone or tablet! 


1. Hello English

The Hello English app interface, showcasing its user-friendly design and interactive learning features like lang



For Beginners and More

  • Everyone's Welcome: Hello English is great whether you're just starting or want to get better at English.
  • Step-by-Step Learning: The app guides you through each step, making learning English easy and fun.


Learn in Many Languages

  • Multiple Language Support: You can start learning English from languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Bangla, and Marathi. It's like having a translator in your pocket.
  • Cultural Connection: By learning from your native language, you connect better with English, making it easier to understand and remember.


Fun Lessons and Games

  • Interactive Learning: With over 475 lessons and games, learning English is as fun as playing your favorite game.
  • Learn with Friends: Challenge your friends to language games, making learning a fun group activity.


Dictionary and Speaking Practice

  • Expand Your Vocabulary: The app comes with a huge 10,000-word dictionary.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Speaking practice features help you get better at saying words right and feeling confident in your conversations.


2. Duolingo


The Duolingo app, highlighting its gamified approach to language learning with colorful graphics


Learning Made Fun


  • A Language Playground: Duolingo makes learning languages like playing a game. You can learn English and 30 other languages in a way that's super fun and not boring.
  • Every Lesson is a Game: Each time you learn, it feels like you're playing a cool game on your phone or tablet.


Level Up


  • Like a Video Game: Imagine each new word or phrase is a level in a game. As you learn, you 'level up,' just like getting to the next stage in a game.
  • New Words, New Wins: Every level teaches you new words or phrases, so you're always learning something new and exciting.


Practice Speaking and Listening


  • Talk the Talk: Duolingo has special exercises to help you get better at speaking. It's like practicing lines for a play but for learning a language.
  • Listen and Learn: You also get to listen to words and phrases. New sounds and meanings.


With Duolingo, learning a new language becomes a joyful adventure filled with games, levels, and loads of fun! 


3. Enguru



Guaranteed Learning


  • Speak with Confidence: Enguru promises to help you learn how to speak English. It's like having a promise that you'll be able to chat in English soon.
  • Easy Steps to Success: The app takes you through learning step by step, making sure you can really speak English by the end.


Complete the Course for Free


  • Full Package, No Cost: Get everything – vocabulary, grammar, and even video classes – all for free. It's like going to a language school without leaving your house.
  • A Fun Classroom in Your Pocket: Learn all the English basics and more with cool lessons right on your phone or tablet.


Learn in Your Language


  • Start in Your Comfort Zone: You can start learning English from Indian languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.
  • Feel at Home While Learning: Because you can learn in your language, it feels more familiar and easier. It's like learning a new game with instructions in your language.


4. Namaste English

The Namaste English app, emphasizing its tailored approach for Hindi speakers learning English



Learn from Hindi


  • Perfect for Hindi Speakers: If you speak Hindi, Namaste English is like a friend who speaks both Hindi and English. It helps you learn English in a way that's easy and comfortable.
  • Tailored for You: Learning English from Hindi makes it simpler and more relatable. It's like learning a new song in a tune you already know.


Levels for All Learners


  • From Start to Star: Whether you're just starting or already know a bit of English, there's a course for you. It's like having classes for every grade in school.
  • Grow at Your Own Pace: You can start with the easy stuff and move up to harder lessons as you get better, just like climbing a ladder step by step.


Interactive Features


  • Learning is Fun: With games and activities, learning English becomes a fun time, not homework. It's like playing while learning.
  • Hindi to English Dictionary: If you come across a tough word, the app's dictionary helps you understand it in Hindi. It's like having a translator in your hand.


5. Busuu


The Busuu app, showcasing its features for learning English at home

Learn At Home


  • Bring the Classroom to You: With Busuu, you can learn English right from the comfort of your home. It's like having a language school on your phone or tablet.
  • Offline Learning: No Internet? No problem! Busuu lets you learn even when you're not connected to the internet.


Grammar and Spelling


  • Nail the Basics: Busuu focuses on teaching you the right grammar and spelling. It's like having a friendly grammar coach in your pocket.
  • Build a Strong Foundation: Good grammar and correct spelling are key to mastering English, and Busuu helps you get these right from the start.


Live Class and Practice


  • Real-Time Learning: Busuu offers live classes where you can learn with a teacher and other students. It's like being in a real classroom but through your device.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Along with classes, you get lots of practice sessions to really sharpen your skills.


6. Elsa Speaks



Practice Speaking


  • Find Your Voice: Elsa Speaks is perfect if you feel shy about speaking English. 


  • Step-by-Step Guidance: The app gently guides you, making speaking English less scary and more fun. 


Limited Free Plan


  • Try Before You Buy: You can start with Elsa Speaks' free features to see how you like it. 


  • More with Subscription: If you want to dive deeper, their subscription plan has lots more to offer. 


High Ratings


  • Loved by Millions: With more than 5 million downloads and a super high rating of 4.9 stars, it's clear that lots of people love Elsa Speaks.
  • Trusted by Learners: All these happy users mean you can trust Elsa Speaks to help you with your English. It's like joining a big, friendly club of English speakers.


7. Utter


Live Expert Guidance


  • Learn with Experts: Utter gives you the chance to join live classes led by English language experts. It's like having a real teacher right in your app.
  • Real-Time Help: In these classes, you get to practice speaking English and get feedback on the spot. It's like a friendly classroom where everyone's learning together.


Improve Writing and Reading


  • Boost Your Skills: Besides speaking, Utter also helps you get better at writing and reading in English. It's like training to be a word wizard in both speaking and writing.
  • Practice and Grow: With exercises and tips, you'll see your writing and reading skills blossom. It's like watching your English garden grow with new words and sentences.


Interactive Chat


  • Chat and Learn: You can use Utter's chat feature to practice English conversations.
  • Translate Chats: If you're stuck, Utter can translate your chats into English. It's like having a translator join your conversation to help you out.


8. Memrise:


Learn Many Languages


  • Language Buffet: Imagine a menu with English and 17 other languages to choose from – that's Memrise for you. Whether you want to say 'hola' in Spanish or 'bonjour' in French, Memrise has got you covered.
  • Pick Your Favorite: You can start with English or dive into any of the other languages. It's like having a passport to chat around the world.


Video Clips for Learning


  • Watch and Learn: With over 50,000 video clips and audio lessons, learning languages is like watching your favorite show.
  • Real People, Real Learning: These videos aren't just animations - they're real people speaking real phrases.


Chat Feature


  • Talk the Talk: The chat feature lets you practice chatting in the language you're learning.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: By chatting, you'll get better at using new words and phrases in real conversations.


9. Lingvist:


Accelerated Learning


  • Quick Progress: Lingvist is designed to make you learn languages fast. It's like being on a super-speed train to a language town.
  • Smart Technology: The app uses clever technology to figure out what you need to learn next.


Tailored to You


  • Personalized Lessons: Lingvist looks at what you know and what you need to learn, then gives you lessons just for you.
  • Efficient Learning: Instead of wasting time on stuff you already know, Lingvist helps you focus on what you need.


Fun and Interactive


  • Engaging Exercises: The app comes with fun exercises to practice what you've learned. 
  • See Your Progress: As you learn, Lingvist shows you how much you've improved.


10. Mondly:


Interactive Language Learning


  • Make Learning a Joy: Mondly turns language lessons into fun, interactive experiences.
  • A Rainbow of Languages: Whether you're keen on Korean or excited about English, Mondly offers a wide range of languages to explore.


Real-Life Conversations


  • Chat Like a Local: Mondly focuses on teaching you how to speak in real-life situations. It's like practicing for a chat at a cafĂ© in Paris or a market in Tokyo.
  • Voice Recognition: The app listens to how you speak and helps you improve.


Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences


  • Bring Learning to Life: With AR, Mondly brings language lessons into your world. Imagine pointing your phone at objects and seeing their names in another language.
  • Learn with Virtual Characters: Practice conversations with virtual characters in the app. It's like having a friendly chat with a character from a different country.


11. Beelinguapp:


Story-Based Learning


  • Dive into Tales: Beelinguapp lets you learn languages by reading and listening to stories.
  • Fun and Engaging: Imagine learning Spanish by reading a fairy tale or improving your German with a detective story.


Audio and Text Together


  • Listen and Read: As you read the stories, you can listen to them too. 
  • Side-by-Side Reading: The app shows the text in both your native language and the language you're learning, side by side. 


Variety of Genres and Levels


  • Something for Everyone: Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, Beelinguapp has stories for all levels. And with genres from mystery to romance, there's a story for every taste.




In conclusion, These apps are like keys to learning new languages, and they're all free! You can start learning or get even better with these apps. They're fun easy, and you don't have to worry about paying anything.


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