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The Best Money Making Applications For Android

The Best Money Making Applications For Android - During the COVID-19 pandemic, it had a crucial economic impact, making a person have to rack their brains in order to earn additional income to meet their daily needs.

With technological advances that continue to innovate, it provides a golden opportunity to be able to earn additional income in an easier way without having to sweat and even not requiring a lot of capital.

The supplies needed to be able to make money with these technological innovations only require an Android cellphone and internet access.

We can do this from anywhere, we can even do it while lying down at home.

If you already have the necessary capital, namely an Android phone and the internet, you can immediately practice it to make a lot of rupiah from this job

A lot! who have practiced and made money.

As for Android phones, we recommend that you have at least 3GB RAM or above, such as Vivo Y21, Realme C25, Oppo A16, Xiaomi Redmi 9c, and various other cellphone brands.

Why do you have to use the android phone?

Because it is needed to support work activities, making money via the internet will be much easier, so the profit that you will generate will be maximized.

The profit opportunities that you can get start from Rp. 1 million per month to Rp. 10 million per month, even if you do it optimally, it will certainly generate more than 10 million per month.

That's a pretty promising number, isn't it?

Anyone can do it without having a bachelor background or IT expert.

Because looking for money what we do is use applications that are proven to make money, but you still try at the beginning to work on building digital assets.

Best Money Making Apps on Android

Alright, right away we will recommend and describe in detail about the rows of money-making applications that are proven to pay and are safe to work with, don't let you choose the wrong application like the many reviewed on youtube and other blogs.

1. Read Plus App

Baca Plus is an application that provides news article content from various trusted news sites, so users can find out updated information faster directly from an Android phone.

Not just reading news, but by reading all the news in the Baca Plus application, users will get a coin, not only that, you can also invite other people to download the Baca Plus application to earn more coins.

The coins that have been collected from reading the news and inviting friends to install the application, the coins can be exchanged for rupiah (in the form of IDR 50,000 credit), the more often you read the news and the more people you invite, the more coins you will get .

This application has been installed by 10 million+ users.

2. Video Snack App

The snack video application is a social media that looks almost similar (similar) to tiktok, this application is available on the playstore which can be downloaded for free, please register after installing it.

Snack video offers you to be able to make money in a very easy way, in practice it may be almost the same as the shopee affiliate program, only the products offered are different.

If at shopee affiliate you offer products to be purchased, but in snack video you offer other people (inviting) to install and register an account on snack video using the special link provided by snackvideo on your account.

The maximum commission you can get is IDR 77,000/user that you successfully invite.

The more people you invite to join the video snack and watch the existing video content, the more you as invitees will earn.

Where to promote video snack link?

You can promote it on YouTube, on Facebook and others.

Try watching a video on youtube that discusses how to register for a snack video or how to make money from a video snack, of course you have to register via the link described and enter the invitation code.

3. AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

This money-making application is one of the most popular applications today, many users have made money.

To be able to make money you have to complete the tasks given, when the task has been successfully done then you will get points that can be exchanged directly for money.

But unfortunately the initial exchange is high.

Disbursement of money from points that have been collected can be disbursed using a paypal account, for those of you who don't have a paypal account, please register first.

If you are confused, you can use the services of creating a paypal account.

The appskarma application has been recommended by many youtubers who discuss money-making applications and this application has been used by more than 5 million users.

4. Helo App Make Money

The helo application is an application similar to tiktok and video snacks, which serves video content.

The videos that are presented are about short tutorial videos, funny compilation videos, unique videos and more.

Helo is a new application for those who are here to enjoy tiktok and snack videos, because they need a lot of users so they also offer income to their users.

Of course there are terms and conditions that apply so that you can get money from this helo application, we will explain it for you.

Invite new users

Helo offers a fairly large commission if you manage to invite other people to join as users of this application, which is IDR 46,000 per person with a mechanism that is set in the application, when someone else registers your commission of IDR 1800, then the person you invite must watch the video for 30 days to generate the rest of the commission.

Use and Explore Content

Besides that, you also need to carry out tasks in order to earn commissions such as checking in and watching videos every day, we will get coins which can later be exchanged for money.

You can promote the invitation link through your facebook account and youtube channel, your job is not only to share the link but also to get them interested in signing up for the helo application.

5. CashApp

CashApps is one of the choices for money seekers through applications.

Because this application is very easy to use, users will get points when installing applications in cash apps.

The more applications you install, the more points you get, the points you earn can be exchanged for dollars, which is 300 points for $1 and other than that, the money can be found on your paypal balance.

Not only that, if you succeed in duplicating to other people, it means inviting people to join and complete their tasks, then you as the invitees will get additional points.

Therefore it is advisable to invite as many people as possible to make more money.

6. Neobank: BNC digital bank

Neo+ This is an official application launched by bankneo.

This application actually functions to save, transfer money, and various other transactions, to attract the interest of users this application offers users to earn income.

To be able to earn from this application, you must register an account first, when you successfully create an account you will get cashback worth Rp. 20,000.

In addition, you will get additional cashback worth IDR 100,000 if you successfully invite friends to use this n+ application. (Requirement to verify ID card)

7. Can earn money from TikTok

We don't need to explain at length anymore, because it's basically the same as the applications we described above (snack video and hello).

This means that to make money from TikTok you need to invite other people to register by promoting your referral link and code.

Ditiktok commission that you can get a maximum of Rp. 60,000 per person you invite.

8. Indo Today

This application is recommended by youtubers with the Teknobie youtube channel.

In his channel Indo Today is included in the list of the best money-making applications for this month (2021), you can have the opportunity to win an Iphone 13 & Cash prize of IDR 200,000,000, this is like a competition if you meet the requirements and manage to invite many people, you will get the prize.

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