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How To show All Participants In A Zoom Meeting

How To show All Participants In A Zoom Meeting - Since the Covid-19 virus, the Zoom Cloud Meeting application has become an suddenly popular application, but its popularity has drawn controversy where some say that the application is not safe when used. Although it is rumored that it will take user data, some people don't believe it, even now the application continues to be used by many people.

As evidence of the many users who still use the Zoom application, with the many questions we have accommodated, namely "how to display all participants on Zoom" from these questions, so this time we will review them for you.

How to Show All Participants in Zoom Cloud Meeting

As an application that is used for meetings or meetings, the Zoom application is currently widely used, especially for online lectures. Well, if you are one of the students who need a way to see all the participants who took part in the meeting, then it is mandatory to read our review thoroughly. Alright, without further ado, let's just take a look at the following in full.

  • First of all, please use the Zoom application.
  • This time we will practice it using a laptop.
  • When the application is running, now click "Start" to start the online meeting.
  • Or if you are a participant, please join using the invitation code that you got.
  • When all participants have been connected, please tap the "Gallery" icon.
  • See the results, then all participants will be visible to you through your laptop screen.

Note: This method can indeed be used via a smartphone, but it feels unsatisfactory because the cellphone screen is only small when compared to a laptop.

How are you bro? Isn't it very easy to display all participants in the Zoom application during a meeting?

you need to know bro, even though the method is so short, there are many Zoom users out there who are confused about seeing all the online participants, so we hope you can share this review through your social media application.

As a Zoom user, of course, you have to know what advantages are in this application made by, bro, for more details, let's find out through the review below.

Advantages of Zoom Cloud Meeting

1. Able to accommodate thousands of users

In one online meeting, this application can accommodate tens of thousands of users. You need to know, brother, this Zoom Cloud Meeting application can accommodate 1000 participants and 10,000 viewers in one group, meaning in one live video.

In our opinion, this figure is very large when compared to similar applications.

2. Excellent Video and Sound Quality

Even though it is able to accommodate many users, this application still produces quality and sound with good quality, besides the video that looks clear and the sound is clear, of course it also really supports your online meeting, so that the atmosphere of the meeting will be more comfortable and of course easy to understand.

3. There are Interesting Features

For those of you who are less confident during the meeting, you can use the face brightening feature, change the background according to your choice and there is also a feature to schedule a meeting. If when you use free Zoom you don't find this feature, please upgrade to the paid version.

4. Can be used on various devices

The sophistication of this application can actually be used on various devices such as Android phones, iPhones, laptops and PCs.

That's the advantage of the Zoom application that you should know!

Oh yes, if an application has advantages, of course there are disadvantages in it. For that, let's see what are the disadvantages below.

Disadvantages of Zoom Cloud Meeting Application

1. Does not support Indonesian

Because this application only uses English, you need the help of Google Translate to translate it into Indonesian. But if you are proficient in English, of course there is no problem.

2. Quickly Drain Quota

It should be underlined, brother, this application is very wasteful of quota. Well, how can it not be an online meeting application that is also connected to many video displays produced from Zoom, making the quota drain faster.

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