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How To Permanently Delete Telegram Account

How To Permanently Delete Telegram Account – As an active user of social media applications, of course you already know the application called Telegram. Well, the application, which is very similar to Whatsapp, has now become one of the most popular applications in the world. For its own users, currently it has reached 400 million users who are active every day to send instant messages through the application. How cool isn't it?

Although it looks cool, in fact users are not completely comfortable using Telegram, many of them are tired of using it and ask how to delete a Telegram account? Well, this is what we will discuss on this occasion.

In general, the instant messaging application created by Telegram FZ-LLC does not provide a delete account feature, although on June 6, 2020 yesterday the application was updated to a new version that was adjusted based on the device, but still we did not find the delete account feature, what we found was only the log out button, which means you can only exit the application, so don't be surprised if many users ask this.

But you don't need to worry because on this occasion we have a fairly accurate way to delete a Telegram account even without the help of an application, so you can use the tutorial we have prepared! Curious as to how? let's just look at the following.

How to Permanently Delete Telegram Account

In order to permanently delete your Telegram account, you can use the method we have prepared. However, as a mandatory requirement, you must be connected to the internet to access the help page for deleting the telegram. For more details, please check below.

  • First, please prepare your internet quota.
  • Then open the browser as usual.
  • Then please access this page: Delete Telegram
  • On that page, please enter the number that was registered when creating an account.
  • If so, select "Next".
  • Wait until you receive the SMS code. This code will have to be used for verification.
  • After getting the code on the SMS. Please enter it in the column provided in the "Confirmation Code" section.
  • Next you select “Sign in” to proceed to the next stage.
  • Later you will be asked about the reason you deleted Telegram with the question "Why Are You Leaving?". You can write down your reasons.
  • After that click "Done".
  • Then select "Yes Delete My Account".
  • Finished.

Well, until here, your Telegram account has been permanently deleted, no data or files will be left on your account, so now you can rest easy because all data has been deleted and it is no longer possible for your account to be misused by other parties.

After deleting, you will not find your account on the search page, even your friends who usually chat will not find your account on the search page though.

Note: If you change your mind in the future and want to create a telegram account again, it turns out that the number you used previously (the number for the deleted account) can still be used, but you can't see the chats you've sent to other users.

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