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How to fix An Android Smartphone That Won't Charge

How to fix An Android Smartphone That Won't Charge - An annoying problem that is usually experienced by cellphone users is when the gadget doesn't want to be charged. The battery is red, when it is connected to the charger, nothing happens.

There are several problems that may occur. For example, your device refuses to charge, the cable has a problem, or maybe your cellphone can charge but is very slow. If you experience any of these, there are a number of things you can do to overcome them. Check out the following!

1. Turn off and on again the cellphone

Often times, cellphone problems only occur temporarily. To fix this, rebooting or turning it off and on again is the first step you should try. Simple right? Although so many people often forget this step.

When the phone is disabled, all applications running in the background will die. So whatever is causing the charging problem will automatically go away. But if your cellphone still can't be charged again after turning it on, try following the next steps.

2. Clean the charging port

It could be that the problem comes from the port on your cellphone. Often the metal plate inside the port and charger doesn't make good contact. This could be due to a blockage due to dust.

The easiest and fastest solution for this is to clean it manually. To do so, turn off the phone and remove the battery if possible.

Then use a toothpick or something to remove the dust. Do it slowly so as not to damage the plate. After that try to turn on the cellphone and charge the battery.

3. Replace the charger cable or adapter

If the phone still won't charge, the problem could be from the charger cable you're using. Either because there are broken components, short circuits, or because the cable you are using is not original. To fix this, try changing to another cable, especially the one that came from the cellphone when you bought it.

If your cable doesn't seem to have a problem, try checking the adapter. The tool often becomes loose due to too long use. You can also test other cable and adapter combinations. Who knows what you are using now is no longer suitable.

4. Battery calibration

Calibration is a process that aims to normalize the battery so that the capacity shown on the screen is the same as the actual condition. Actually this is an attempt to prevent battery damage. But it never hurts to try.

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