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How To Delete 'Others' Data Causes Android Phones To Slow

How To Delete 'Others' Data Causes Android Phones To Slow - Users are advised to immediately delete the 'Others' file to avoid the Android phone from slowing down. Storage space is one of the important elements that must be controlled so that the phone's performance remains optimal.

Android phone memory management system categorizes memory usage based on the type of data, ranging from Applications, Games, Pictures, Videos, Documents, to Others or others.

Files that fall into the Others category are a collection of files that are not specifically included in the existing category. Then the files that are put into Others are sometimes files that are no longer needed.

How to Clean Others

Users can clean files belonging to the 'Others' category in two ways, namely directly from the device or using the help of third-party applications.

To delete directly from your device, here's how:

  • Open Settings or Settings.
  • Select Storage, under Device Care on Samsung phones.
  • In the list there will be a storage option 'Others' along with the space consumed.
  • Choose Others
  • Click Clean Up

For the record, the display on each phone may differ depending on the type of phone and the version of the operating system used.

Reporting from Nerndschalk, to use third-party applications, users can use applications such as Amaze File Manager, Ghost Commander, Disk Usage, Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage, and File Manager to facilitate the cleaning process.

Temporary data and cache

Users' apps, games, and web pages are constantly connected to the web, and download large amounts of data in text, image, and video formats.

Ads, user files, content and a number of other things may be included in the process.

The development of Android phone technology makes unnecessary data cleaned automatically to keep the phone's storage memory roomy.

But sometimes the data is stored, as in a web browser. If the user does not delete the web content, the browser's storage will quickly become full of this kind of data.

And if the user checks the phone's storage management in the Settings section, these temporary data and cached data will appear as 'Others' respectively.

Backup failure

Google and some cloud storage service providers allow users to choose to back up smartphone content to the cloud.

Syncing Android phone apps to the cloud has a number of benefits, among which the user will have a copy of the data even after deleting it or when the phone crashes and the memory cannot be accessed.

Saving passwords, application file backups, free disk space, file sharing, and other features can be done through a cloud provider.

However, daily upgrades and some other functions may cause the service to not function properly.

Although most of these things can be resolved immediately, it is possible that the backup process failed on the user's phone and the file was not received by the backup service, as reported by Fixwill.

Application data

Application data is said to be the most common cause of full files in the Others category. This app data generally includes download files, server backup files, failed OTA patches, and more.

In addition, streaming apps sometimes don't run properly and leave cached data that eventually fills up the Android phone's storage space.

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