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How To Clean Laptop Monitor Screen Properly

How to Clean Laptop Monitor Screen Properly - Is your computer monitor dull and dirty? or maybe your monitor has been cleaned very rarely or even you don't know how to clean the monitor properly and correctly?. Let's follow the guide to cleaning the monitor that has been summarized in this article.

When cleaning a monitor, we must be very careful when cleaning the screen and not carelessly rub the screen surface.

Maybe you have been offered cleaning fluids to clean the monitor screen along with the cloth. However, you have to be careful in using chemical liquids offered by other people, because there are chemicals that can damage the screen and can make the monitor screen peel.

The cloth used to wipe the parts of the monitor should also not be arbitrary. The screen on this monitor is sensitive, so the problem with the cloth used to clean it must be soft.

Please follow the guide below to clean your monitor screen properly without making dead pixels on the monitor screen.

1. Turn off the power to the monitor

The first thing you have to do is turn off the monitor by unplugging the power cable from the monitor. If you clean the monitor screen while it is on, there will be a risk of damage or you may be electrocuted.

2. Clean the Monitor Using a Cloth

If the dirt on the monitor screen is not so stubborn, then you just have to wipe it using a microfiber cloth. Do the stroke gently and carefully. When you are cleaning the monitor screen or wiping it, try not to rub vigorously and rotate or rub only certain areas.

If there are stubborn stains on the monitor screen, just use a little water to soften the hard and stubborn stains. You can also use a chemical liquid, but use a chemical liquid that is completely safe for the monitor screen.

There is also another way to replace chemical cleaning fluids, namely by adding vinegar to the water to clean hard and stubborn dirt.

When cleaning the monitor, do it carefully and with a gentle rub. When using water or chemicals, do not spray directly onto the monitor screen. Because if you spray water directly onto the screen, there will be a lot of risk if the water seeps or drips into the sidelines of the screen.

It would be better if you dip the cloth in the liquid, then wring it out until the cloth is almost dry. This is done to reduce the risk of screen damage due to water or liquid you use.

3. Make sure the monitor screen is dry

After you finish cleaning the monitor, make sure the monitor you cleaned earlier is completely dry or there is no more liquid that has settled before you use the monitor again.

This is done to avoid moisture or electrical damage to your monitor screen. If there is water that is still left and gets into the gaps of the monitor screen, then this can endanger the health of the monitor when it is turned on.

Hopefully you can do a good cleaning of the monitor so that things do not happen - things that are not desirable. If there are additions to this article, please contact us via email. Hopefully How to Clean a PC-Laptop Monitor Screen Correctly can be useful for readers.

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