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Google Chrome Motion Sensor And Security Issues

Google Chrome Motion Sensor And Security Issues - A report sparked a wave of calls to remove Google Chrome on Android and iPhone devices. The report emerged to the public after one security expert revealed to Forbes some time ago.

Security expert Zak Doffman reviewed the issue of user data security, which is threatened by Google's popular browser application.

Zak reveals Google Chrome harvests sensitive personal data without the user knowing.

Recently, Chrome has come under fire for delaying the deletion of third-party tracking cookies. This is considered to be a weak point of the security of users' personal data.

Last month Facebook detected the movement of iPhone users. The report adds to the image of being the world's most greedy personal data harvester.

But the Forbes report wrote that Google Chrome is a big threat from Facebook for the processing of users' personal data.

"The reality is that while Facebook/Meta acts as a lightning rod, Google is a much bigger threat to your privacy." the report reads.

When Facebook is said to have collected personal data of users for the needs of the company, Google Chrome is accused of collecting data for the needs of other parties.

In addition, technology researcher Tommy Mysk calls Google Chrome with full authority to control the user's motion sensors, unlike iOS's Safari.

"Motion sensors are accessible to all websites on Android/Chrome by default, [whereas] Safari/iOS protects access with permissions." he said.

With these accusations, Google defended the emergence of user data security issues.

"We intentionally limited the resolution of the motion sensor in Chrome, and since 2019 we have controls that allow users to block websites from accessing the device's motion sensor at all." said a Google representative quoted by Forbes.

However, researchers still find a comparison of the safety of the motion sensor between Google Chrome and Safari. By default, Chrome is said to allow motion sensor tracking. While Safari is not like that.

The so-called security defaults are available on iOS devices such as the iPhone. Thus, Zak Doffman indicates that at least the use of Chrome on iPhone is safer than use on Android devices.

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