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Easy Ways To Create QR Code Check In Care Protect At School

Easy Ways to Create QR Code Check In Care Protect at School - Schools can create their own QR Code to check in the PeduliLindung application in their area. Here are 2 ways to make a QR Code check in PeduliLindung at school.

The steps to create a QR Code PeduliLindung are quite easy, because the school only needs to access the government's official website.

PeduliLindung is a monitoring and tracking application to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. The app also includes vaccine information as well as Covid-19 tests.

After being used for a long time, the PeduliLindung application continues to experience updates and additional functions. One of the main functions of this application is the requirement to enter a location or a crowded place.

When entering public spaces, users will be asked to check in the PeduliLindung application on their devices by scanning the QR Code available at the location, and or showing information on the vaccine that has been received.

A number of public spaces that do not yet have a QR Code can apply for the creation of a QR Code so that it can be integrated with the PeduliLindung application, as well as assisting the government in monitoring and tracking Covid-19.

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) explains how an office agency, mall, school, or other public space authority wishes to apply for a QR Code PeduliLindung as a condition so that people can enter the area of ​​an institution or place.

Here's the first way to create a PeduliLindung QR code for school purposes:

  • Registrants submit a letter of application to the email address pusdatin@kemkes.go.id.
  • Registrants will then receive a form that needs to be filled out. Fill out and resubmit the form.
  • Registrants receive a reply email containing their username and password to activate.
  • After activation, registration will be declared complete after the registrant confirms which is sent via email. For letter templates, you can check the official Kemkominfo Instagram account.

In addition to this method, there is also another way that can be done to create a QR Code PeduliProtect schools, namely through the official website of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes).

Here's how to make a PeduliLindung barcode belonging to the Indonesian Ministry of Health:

1. Account registration

  • Before creating a QR code, school institution authorities can register via https://cmsreg.dto.kemkes.go.id.
  • Through this site, the government will officially provide a QR for the desired location.
  • Then create a password for account activation, and wait until the account is verified.

2. Login account and download

  • The next step is for registrants to log in to an account on the https://cms.pedulilindungi.id site.
  • On this page the registrant will be asked to enter detailed information from the place or location for which the QR code will be generated.

3. Download and print the barcode poster

Once completed, registrants can download and print a QR code PeduliLindung poster for school, which can then be scanned by students and teachers before starting teaching and learning activities.

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