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Apple Allows Users To Service And Buy Your Own Parts

Apple Allows Users To Service And Buy Your Own Parts - Apple technology manufacturers will allow users of products such as iPhones, MacBooks, and so on to buy spare parts and repair them themselves if they experience damage.

The company announced a new program that will make parts for Apple products available for purchase starting in early 2022.

The Self Service Repair program allows users to repair their devices by purchasing authorized parts, accompanied by official guidance that Apple will provide.

The program will start with parts on the iPhone that are prone to replacement, such as the screen, battery, and even the camera that is embedded in the cellphone.

Apple says it will provide more than 200 parts and tools available at launch, and plans to add more by the end of next year.

The Self Service Repair program will initially only be available to iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users, but will later be expanded to Mac computers that use Apple's new built-in M1 chip.

The price that will be charged to the user will be the same as the price charged for existing repair service places. Prices will be disclosed when the program is inaugurated.

The program is billed as a response to criticism of Apple's exclusivity, which makes it difficult to repair devices, as well as make it harder for independent service businesses to get authorized parts.

This self-repair is also in response to an order from the United States president Joe Biden which requires companies to allow DIY or Do It Yourself repairs.

Regulators in the UK and Europe have also passed or are considering legislation requiring gadget manufacturers to provide spare parts to their customers.

The movement to fight for the "Right to repair" which recently echoed was also voiced by one of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak. He said he "strongly supports" the realization of the self-service program.

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