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5 Ways To Take Care Of Smartphone To Make It Last

5 Ways To Take Care Of Smartphone To Make It LastIn today's sophisticated era, of course, HP is a very important thing. By using a smart cellphone or smartphone, all your needs will be fulfilled. Unfortunately, taking care of it incorrectly can cause your cellphone to quickly get damaged until you finally have to buy a new one. To keep your cellphone durable, here are five ways you can try!

1. Use additional covers and protective glass

Many think that the additional casing or cover and protective glass are just fashion. In fact, these two devices are important to protect the cellphone from shocks. When accidentally dropped, at least HP can be protected and not damaged quickly.

In addition, the casing and protective glass are thick enough to protect the cellphone from damage. Instead of spending your money to keep buying HP, you better save your money for other things, right?

2. Use the original charger

Even in an urgent situation, you should still use the original charger to charge it. Using another brand of charger will make the battery charge quickly. This is because the mains voltage of other chargers may not match the HP.

Not infrequently, using another brand of charger will make the touch screen easily damaged, the cellphone heats up quickly, and damage the battery. If it's like this, obviously you have to buy a new cellphone.

3. Choose HP applications wisely

Some HP applications require a fairly large RAM and CPU. No wonder HP will be slow if there are more applications that require large memory. In fact, everyone certainly crave HP's fast working power.

If your HP is slow, it's better not to blame it first. It could be because you have too many apps. Therefore, if you really need a lot of applications, it's a good idea to buy a cellphone with good RAM and OS.

4. Not charging while playing games

Many HP users neglect and charge the battery while playing games. In fact, the battery load will be twice as large when charging and playing games at the same time. It would be nice if you charge the HP battery without playing the game first.

Due to the large load of battery power, it will damage the HP battery quickly. If the HP battery is damaged quickly, it is possible that other devices will be affected.

5. Don't fill it up to 100 percent

Not many people know that it's best not to charge the HP battery to 100 percent. This is because the lithium battery has its own power and charging it to 100 percent will only reduce the charge of the lithium battery. If you have this, of course, the battery can be damaged quickly.

As long as you apply the five methods above, of course, you don't have to bother buying HP all the time. Of course, HP can last for years as long as you know how to take care of it.

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