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5 Recommended Investment Applications For Beginners

5 Recommended Investment Applications For Beginners - Investment is a way to increase income for the money we save, which means saving money in the form of physical assets or digital assets.

Investing in physical assets, usually someone will convert their money into something of value such as gold bullion or land, both of which have properties that are always rising in price so that they are suitable as an investment medium.

Furthermore, there is also digital asset investment, namely in the form of cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, stock investments and so on.

Investment is the best way to save money so that the money you have will not be affected by inflation, because the money invested tends to have added value.

5 Popular Apps for Beginners Investing

For those of you who are still beginners and want to invest in the money you have, we will recommend a few 7 applications that can make it easier for you to start investing directly from your Android phone.

1. Magic App

Magic is one of the most popular investment applications, especially since it uses Han Ji Pyeong as its brand ambassador.

This application offers beginners who want to start profitable investments with very little risk, namely through stock investments and mutual fund investments.

Through this magical application, you can maximize profits and reduce losses when investing in stocks or mutual funds, this application officially gets permission from OJK so you don't have to worry about the money invested.

Hurry up and download and install the magic application, immediately start your investment.

2. Seed Application

You can download the seed application on the Playstore for free.

After you install the seed application, immediately create an account to start investing, you can start investing with a very small nominal with minimal risk, such as mutual fund investments.

Bibit offers a mutual fund investment program for anyone who needs it because this mutual fund is perfect for employees, entrepreneurs, students, professional investors and beginners.

Payment of funds for investment can use a fund balance or gopay balance, you also don't need to worry because the seed application is an official application that has been supervised by ojk so that the money you invest remains safe.

The brand ambassadors are Raditya Dika and Deddy Corbuzier

3. Pluang Application (Invest Gold, Mutual Funds and Cryptocurrencies)

The next investment application that beginners can use is the opportunity application.

There are so many types of investments that you can choose to save your money in the form of digital assets, rather than being deposited in a bank account which continues to be eroded by administrative costs and inflation if you save it within a few years.

The opportunity application offers you beginners to start investing with a small initial capital, so the risk you experience is also very small, some of which are gold investments, mutual fund investments, and cryptocurrencies.

The Pluang application has been supervised by CoFTRA and OJK so it is safe to invest digitally, you just need to place an order according to the money you have, the more money you invest, the safer your money will be.

The brand ambassador is Chelsea Islan.

4. Bareksa application specifically for Mutual Funds

Bareksa is a mutual fund marketplace application that sells hundreds of products from various companies managed by investment managers.

The Bareksana application has also been a pioneer of investment platforms in Indonesia since 2013, which has received certification from the OJK and is a retail SBN distribution partner.

At Bareksa, investing is as easy as shopping online!

There are many investment products offered by Mutux and all products are clearly explained in the application, ranging from mutual fund investments, gold, sbn and others, including price movements, possible profits, to the risks that arise.

Before buying, Bareksa will simulate the movement of funds for each product. So, you can weigh the pros and cons that you might get.

The brand ambassador is Boy William.

5. Special Money Investment Application for Gold Investment

Buying gold digitally is legal according to the MUI, therefore immediately invest your money in digital gold so you can avoid inflation, in fact the gold you buy can increase in price.

The more gold you buy now, then in the next 5 years its value will increase.

The money-planting application provides a solution for beginners who want to invest in gold digitally, the gold that you save in the planting-money application is antam certified gold bullion, you can print the physical gold if you want.

The investment products offered are gold, mutual funds, and SBN, please download the money-planting application directly through the playstore, this application is quite recommended for beginners.

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